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The cheetah is the most threatened big cat in Africa. Their population has dramatically decreased from 100,000 in 1900 to only around 7,100 worldwide today. They are dealing with major problems, like not having enough space to live and grow. They also face the issue of their habitats being separated, so they can't move around and mate freely, which is really bad for their genetic diversity. Another big challenge they face is people illegally breeding them to sell as exotic pets, as well as conflicts between humans and cheetahs in places where they live.


The CCFA is releasing captive cheetahs with pure bloodlines back into the wild as part of a special program called Rewilding. After adapting to the wild, they're relocated to areas where they can meet and mate with other cheetahs, boosting the population and genetic diversity. Additionally, the CCFA has a social commitment. For every cheetah released, they support a community member with skills and training, empowering them to become wildlife conservation ambassadors within their own community. Together with conservation areas, they work to safeguard cheetahs and their habitats, for all biodiversity.

Recent result

Since 2018, CCFA has backed 15 impactful projects in seven African countries, introducing innovative wildlife conservation initiatives that benefit local communities. 

For the cheetah project in 2023, CCFA has successfully fostered a cheetah, appointed their first community ambassador and is currently rewilding their first captive cheetah with expert guidance.


1. Enrol the first captive cheetah in our Cheetah Rewilding Project in 2023 to be rewilded within 6 – 12 months for integration into the cheetah ‘metapopulation’
2. Implement the first Cheetah Champion (community beneficiary) empowerment initiative – Selected beneficiary enrolled in an accredited safari guide course.

The money will be used for

Cheetah capture and transport to protected area plus necessary permits, veterinary costs, tracking device (GPS collar), monitoring costs, feeding of cheetah, associated ‘Cheetah Champion’ community program
Our project goes beyond rewilding cheetahs; it's about nurturing vital ecosystems, strengthening bonds between humans and wildlife. We share this planet with all biodiversity, and it's vital for all species to thrive together. Regardless of our roles, each of us can make a difference through our small daily choices, which together make a big impact for the planet and biodiversity.
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