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All points donated by members are doubled by Accor!

Access to a professional activity is a key step towards economic emancipation. For some, it's also an opportunity to forge ties and escape social exclusion.


The Accor Heartist Solidarity endowment fund was created to help and support people living in precarious conditions to escape poverty and social exclusion.

To this end, numerous partnerships with local non-profit organizations have been forged in order to develop long-term solutions, whether in terms of:
- providing access to quality training, 
- encouraging economic development programs, 
- enhancing personal skills and abilities,
- supporting the transmission and learning of local know-how,
- identifying and overcoming obstacles to a return to employment, etc.

Projects are initiated and carried out by employees of the Accor Group and its partners, living or working near the project location, reflecting the spirit of hospitality and service.

Recent result

Since 2008, more than 450 projects have been funded.
Prison escapees, the long-term unemployed, refugees, disadvantaged families, single mothers, etc. 
In just the last year, your Reward ALL points have helped more than 2,100 men and women around the world regain their independence through a trade or income-generating activity.


€28,000 is the average amount of support granted by Accor Heartist Solidarity to each project in 2022.

The money will be used for

The funds raised - doubled by Accor - will be used entirely to finance projects carried out locally by the selected NGOs. Purchase of equipment, training costs, salaries of socio-professional supervisors, operational costs, etc. Accor Heartist Solidarity seeks to be as close as possible to the needs of its international associative partners.
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