Solutions for turning plastic waste into a resource

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The project

Earthwake's mission is to give value to plastic waste by equipping local associations in developing countries with recovery solutions.
tonnes of plastic waste dumped into the oceans every year.
first solution
developed by Earthwake: Chrysalis, which converts plastic waste that is difficult to recycle into energy.
metric tons
of plastic waste will be recycled per year in the Everest region thanks to the solution provided by Earthwake


Following several humanitarian missions spent in Africa, Samuel Le Bihan finds himself confronted with the damage caused by plastic pollution. It was there that he realized the urgent need to act to stop this pollution. After several months of prospecting for the best ways to recycle plastic, he met Christofer Costes in 2014, who had developed an initial pyrolyser prototype. The idea of restoring value to plastics via pyrolysis seemed a pertinent solution. Earthwake Association was born!

Since 2020, the technological development of this solution is now operated by Earthwake Entreprise.

Earthwake Association's mission is to give value to plastic waste, particularly in developing countries, by supporting the donation of mechanical recycling equipment (extruder, compactor, shredder, injector...) to international associations. 

Recent result

Since May 2020, the Chrysalis® has been powering two household waste collection trucks in the commune of Puget Théniers, with plastic fuel!

Since the launch of this project, the association has achieved the following results:
- 1.1 tonne of plastic waste PE/PP recovered as energy by the Chrysalis;
- nearly 800 L of dieselproduced;
- 18,000 km covered by the household refuse collection trucks.


The aim is to achieve 40kg of recycled plastic waste per day, i.e. as much waste not dumped in the oceans.

The money will be used for

Donations will enable Earthwake to install equipment for preparing and
shredding plastic fishing traps on the island of Kerkennah. Indeed, this fishing island off the coast of Tunisia is faced with a lack of local recycling solutions, and as a result used fishing pots
generate a major source of plastic pollution.
"Earthwake's mission is to fight plastic pollution, one of the greatest environmental and social scourges of the 21st century, while creating jobs and solidarity in developing countries."
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